i searched 10 pages and could'nt find any thread about him so i made one
discuss everything about marty here... what do you think is his best work in megadeth?
Everyone will come on here and say "Rust In Peace". And while that is probably true, don't forget about some of his fantastic solos from "Countdown To Extinction", like "High Speed Dirt" or "Skin 'O My Teeth". Those are some of my favorites anyway.
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My favourite from Marty is the solos he played on Hanger 18. Everytime I hear that middle solo, it makes me want to bang my head and rip some air guitar.
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i recently rediscovered marty friedmans solo album "loudspeaker" when i was looking through my music folder on this

i think its one of the best instrumental albums ive ever heard
if you can, check out the songs "viper" and "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana"

also his stuff with megadeth like the solos on "hangar 18" and "skin o my teeth" are immense as well!
Top lel.
outside of megadeth i really loved him in cacophony and his solo albums. My favorite of his solo albums it loudspeaker, it just never gets old haha
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