Are the D'Addario strings bad for riffing ? or something.
Because since i switched from SIT .009 to D'Addario .010, i cant get my good heavy sound anymore..

any suggestions ?

Dave Mustaine used D'Addario strings for many years, so that proves you can chug it out on them. You may just have to adjust your tone a bit, as each string brand sounds different.
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yeah, i was thinking about ErnieBall Super Slinky.. i've had them on my old guitar, and it was good.
maybe next time ill try them out..
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with d'addario you can play any style - and they are very good
still a prefer ernies
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I think the problem isn't in the strings ^^' I've always used D'Addario 10's and can get any sound I want on any style. You may just need to get used to them.
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