A friend of mine wanted me to write a song for him. ..He said he wanted it dark and heavy... It's a little out of my style, so there's some issues with the lyrics/music... It was unusually easy to write, though. It doesn't sound very original, though...

Anyways, there's some issues with the power chords... I don't play with them in powertab enough to make them sound the way I want, but I hope you get the idea.

..It still needs a solo, or at least some sort of lead guitar work... Oh well...

In Loving Memory.zip
well i liked the intro alot (although the EXTREMELY long pause kinda lost my attention) then the pre-verse was good as well
Then it gets to the powerchords which kinda made me a bit mad because you had a really good thing going. i'm not sure if they sound better when you play em or not but i think you should change that.
it also needs more variety. all in all theres about 4 riffs in there, two of which last a few measures.

c4c o.0?
I'm honestly not too happy with powerchords, myself. If you've seen any of my other songs, I just don't use them. They sound cool enough; but they're just boring... It was basically at my friend's request. Plus, it seemed to go along with the lyrics - I was imagining Hetfield's voice as I wrote them.

Perhaps I should revamp everything past the intro into something more my style. Probably redo the lyrics ... Everything past the first stanza just sucks, haha. :p

And, of course, c4c always applies. I don't even know why it's a stupid rule... Whatcha got?
So I kept the main theme and revamped everything else. I'm working on some lead guitar work right now, and rewriting some of ... most all of the lyrics, meaning I won't know where to wrap the music around until I've got that base.

Here's a sample.
In Loving Memory (2).zip