ok well i am being grounded for my grades in school this year
i failed 2 classes

and my father threatened to sell my car and **** but diddnt
but i cant go anywhere for a long time he said except for school and work

so im stuck here in the house with my parents and sisster and on occasion nephew

will someone give me ideas about what to do when u r grounded or somethin?
im goin to be bord as **** and need ur help
it would be greatly appreciated..

Play guitar or fiddle with you weiner.
OR invite some friends over
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There would be no use to ground me, I never go out anyway. I just sit around typing random crap on UG, playing guitar, other online games and feel my ass grow .
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Do some work and then you can't get grounded next year because you'll get good grades.

Also, masturbate and play guitar.
i realize this but thats not my question

i need ideas of things to do when im grounded
not how to not gewt in this situation again
lol i got my guitars taken away and i can't leave the house because i got a c.... in calculus -_- so i just go to bed really early...
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Rule #2: Never show your grades
Rule #3 Don't be a softcock
wow, you guys are all so helpful.

Well, Adam, I say you pick up that acoustic guitar that you have sitting in your room, and start playing until your fingers bleed. Then come back and chat on UG until they scab up and you get nice callouses on your fingers, at which point you should start playing again.

Thats basically what I did.

But anyway, can you have people over?
Cuz if you can, I could bring my amp over and we can make a sweet jam band.
Create a new identity and drive away in your car and be a fugitive on the run!!!
haha, I NEVER get grounded, even if my gardes suck, just thought you should know

now, umm play guitar, smoke a cigar and laugh