I use an OD-20 overdrive/distortion pedal with a LINE 6 Spider III 120 amp. When I use my pedal with the amp, it gives so much feedback when I'm not playing anything, i was wondering whether it's just the pedal? or maybe the amp doesn't work well with pedals? or whether I'm just using the pedal wrong? or is it the guitar??

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More than likely you are doing one or more of the following:

1)Having the volume up to a decent level;
2)Standing quite close to the amp
3)Facing the amp
4)Using a fairy high gain setting on your pedal or amp

Try lowering the volume on your amp, just to see if it still does it. If so,I'm not sure what's going on, but if that solves it, then you should face away a bit, turn down the gain, roll back the Vol knob a bit, and/or step back. Since those are not fun or good for rocking out, my other suggestion (assuming it's only feedback from high gain repeating through your pickups) is to get you a noise reduction unit (to stop the feedback obviously). Boss makes a damn good one, and I've heard that the digitech pedals are pretty good. Hope you can glean some useful information from here. Let me know if you set it to rights!

You have to use OD/Distortion pedals on the clean channel of modelling amps like that, otherwise there'l be insane feedback, and sound thin and weak too.

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Drop your gain and your treble when you raise your volume, i should end up sounding the same, until your ss amp shuts off on it's own by overloading the transformers, what i recommend is an am preferably with tubes, or just not a modeling amp, i hate those, they're reliable both in volume and tone.
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i was wondering if anyone who has got this pedal could tell me how to get like a libertines/babyshambles/dirty pretty things distorted sound on the pedal?

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