im looking at getting a new ibanez
becos mine old one recently packed in

im thinking either the RGR321ex (with designed by EMG pickups)
or the RG321mh (with inf3 and inf4)

pickup wise
what guitar is better
i'd be using it for metal and shred kinda stuff

i no i cud change the pickups but im just looking to keep them like they are for now until i save up some more money for sum others.

thanks in advance
Personally, I'd go with the EMG equipped RG for the style you want to use. The other guitarist of my band has one, and when he wants to shred, he reached for it. They have a bright, biting tone when you hit the highs, and a satisfying chug on the low ed when you play rhythm. If you want metal, shred, or even ska/punk styles, the EMGs would most likely suit you better.