Lame thread some of you might say...but i;'m just curious...

I've only been playing for not so long...i can say i have accomplished quite abit for one year...tho i kinda feel i suck some times...do you guys get that feeling?Starting to learn how to shred here...someone introduced a very good lesson which first teaches you how to shred on only 3 strings...and yeah,i can do it quite fast now...

So when did you guys stop sucking?I'm just curious...i mean i feel kinda sucky when i have mistakes...esspecially songs that i play all the time...and yes,i've only got a few main songs i like that i play on acoustic...for electric i normally practise my shredding and solos..*my electric guitar ain't worth playing-gift from a friend,so yeah,i don't play it so often*And to make matters worst,my voice is breaking..so i really can't sing crap...so yeah...but,i do play everyday...not that long...maybe 3-5 sessions of 15 minutes of playing? make it 25 if i play both types of guitar...

How many years did you guys take to feel that you are great a guitarist? And do you guys play for like 3 hours every day? And how can you keep playing for so long? I really can't unless i'm practising a new song,which i most of the time,can't find
I've been playing for little more than a year too, greatest accomplishment is the Sleepwalker solo by Megadeth. I usually just practise an hour a day or something on a new song. I still suck a little, but way over newb. I started getting seriously better this summer.
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i kinda suck still...sure I can alternate pick etc. but I can'T sweet ...ive been playing for about 10 months...2 of those with lessons
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i play at least 3 hours a day at least 5 days a week

3 years this xmas

im not great but i am deffinately getting there

sometimes you try to play a song that u gave up on and its strange that you can sometimes just nail those trickly likc sstraight off

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I am an intermediate player, I have no practice scedule, I can play for hours or I can not play at all, its very strange. Over the summer I had a huge drive to play guitar and didnt really stop playing it, I got really fluent and could see my skills building, now I am back at colledge adn I can go an entire week with out playing guitar get to the weekend and think oh f**k and spend all wkend trying to get my hands back in shape for monday. I am just building back up to being able to play for ages again.

As far as practising goes just play what you want, just spend time soloing and improvising to your self, spend time doing scale work and learning a new technique, and spend time learning a new song, thats 3 things, 3 hours, if you keep your practise fun and different you will find it easy to go for ages.

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ive been playing almost everyday for the last 3 years
and i still suck

ive only started to learn tapping this month
but as far as rhythm guitar goes, id say im pretty good
First, sorry for my bad english but i am belgian so i talk french usualy

I have been playing for a year and few month. I am not a guitar genius (of course) but usualy guitarists (friends) that play with me are impressed by what i can do with a little more than one year of practise, maybe is it because i have learnt music (i have played trumpet for 6 years )
I play at least one or two year a day, but every days. And the W-E i play two to four hours at least but i really play because i like it...so i can pass a lot of time.
I have learnt by myself but i can't shred well and high speed technics are hard for me, but i hope i ll succeed

I really love music and so i can play guitar with no time limit. One of my greatest performance should be playing stairway to heaven entirely and almost perfectly in rythm.

But often times i feel that i suck , and so i hope my guitar (squier 51) is for something now

I was already a prodigy when I started because I'd had so much practice on Guitar Hero.
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I still suck and I've been playing for 2 years. I havent had vrey many lessons, and i didn't learn much from them anyway. I can't solo to save my life. I've only actually mastered about 5 solos! lol. I can't pull of very well and i can't shred lol.
I've stared to play for about 30 mins each day
I play for 5 hours a day sometimes, and don't play at all sometimes. I've been playing since I was 8, and I'm 14 now. So 6 years. Earlier this year I realized I was getting pretty good.
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How many years did you guys take to feel that you are great a guitarist? And do you guys play for like 3 hours every day? And how can you keep playing for so long? I really can't unless i'm practising a new song,which i most of the time,can't find

I still don't think I'm great. I'm not under any illusions, I'm an alright but not amazing guitarist. And I've been playing for about a year and a half (although I played bass for a year before that). I'm told I've been a very fast learner so I'm assuming it takes a long time for people to be great. And a lot of work.

I practice for about an hour every week day, more at weekends, but it's not so much practicing as just pissing about on guitar, often whilst doing other things.

I can keep playing for so long because I enjoy it... I'm not really sure what the question is there, sorry.
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I was already a prodigy when I started because I'd had so much practice on Guitar Hero.

I've been playing since last August and I'm not that pleased with my level, the hardest thing I can play is the Master of Puppets solo and even that's pretty sloppy. I practise for around an hour every day, most of the time I'll just play some songs I know and maybe run some scales.
+Goes to look for that lesson the thread starter speaks of+
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I play 12 hours a day for one week out of 4.

I still suck though lol

Where can I find that 3 string shred lesson?

try searching around the lessons in ultimate guitar...
and how to keep my self busy with acoustic may i ask? i have no problems with acoustic...but i only got serious this years june...
A good guitarist never stops sucking.

Though probably after you learn that solo that you worked so hard to get it well, or managed to sweep or achieve whatever you wanted to achieve, you will feel way better.