ooph i do hope this is in the right bit, i read the rules and theyre SO complicated, so sorry all you moderator people

here we are. written at two am after a whole large kerfuffle

Freedom comes at last
to girl who watched as dead time passed
and oppurtunities-
new age
new advantage.

Unsure of how to let it go
a drunken night, or take it slow?
the crowds a-waiting
lets not leave them standing.

bridgy thing:
Time transporter take me back!
to cheeks or red and suits of black,
excited yawns throughout six months of waiting...

Well she not actually too sure where she heard
but the "somethings" all happen to be expert
and V words gotten worse than V sign when you've hit the year
for redemption in informal form
from year 5 sneers and year 9 taunts.
for once the clothes are not the fashion, darling.

The protection that you really need's
from kids with pressure fulled by greed
"carried away"'s a term for if your willing

Deliberately loose fit shirt
with faded jeans and no short skirt
but they lie to get laid
if its.. fitting

bridgy thing

Its just a word
he never heard
and so he carries on
he carries on [x4]

thare we are!
please, tell me how i could improve it or something!
thanking you all
and have a LOVELY day