hi guys..
at 1st i wanted to get a multi effects pedal...because some said that it'll be better to get a multi effects as a 1st pedal, so i'll know what effects i need..
but i went to a gig last 2 days..and i saw few of the guitarist with just few stompboxes manage to get great sound from it..

i was looking at the ax3000g and the zoom g7..
and after that gig..i decided to get stompboxes instead..
but i'm worried it will be difficult to operate single stompboxes...as i thought that multieffects will be easier..because there's memory to save the settings..and also patches..and multis can change lotsa effects with just a stomp,,while stompboxes, i need to bend down and turn the knob to change the sound..

due to financial prob..i dont plan to change my amp as during performance, mostly i get different amps provided by the organisers..
currently using the MG30dfx ( i know it have a bad reputation)..
can i get good sounds from it? must i use the clean channel? or od channel when operating the stompboxes?

last question, i play from pop-punk>alternative>classic rock>metalcore>emo, and my budget its around 250$..what is the 1st few pedals that i need to suit my style of playing?

thanks a bunch!
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I like individual stomp boxes myself, most digital multi effects just don't sound quite the same. It takes a few minutes to ge tthe settings, but it's not too bad and after you use each for a month or two you have a general idea where to set them as astarting point. You can also find you rsettings, put tape dots by each knob and mark them with a felt tip pen and you can get really close without ever turning anything on.

In most cases you'll want the clean channel for effects, I use effects for distortion instead of the gain channel, but wiht the gain channel I can also run a delay pedal or chorus/flanger but that's about the extent of effects for distortion channel for me anyway. Clean channel works great for distortion pedals and most other effects. That's the main way I run my Peavey MX, it's a super clean amp and doesn't get muddy like the Super Reverb does if I run the distortion pedal (Ibanez SD9).

For your type of music I would say the number one pedal you will need will be a good distortion box, #2 would be overdrive, #3 a delay of some sort. If you have a good overdrive channel, the overdrive pedal can wait, switch channels. You do have a footswitch right??? if not, get one. It's invaluable onstage.

If I were limited to only one pedal it would have to be my SD9 distortion, I can live without everything else. I normally use a DOD compressor (and want a better one), Dan Electro Rocky Road that makes a fairly decent flanger, Ibanez SD 9 distortion, Marshall Bluesbreaker overdrive, Arion SAD 1 analog delay and a volume pedal. that covers pretty much anything but outright metal and I can come close then, since I usually run the SD 9 on a pretty high gain setting.

So I would say distortion 1st, delay 2nd and use the overdrive channel for in between clean and distortion until you can afford to add a pedal or two, then a good overdrive pedal.
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