Hey i need help with this song i heard on the radio
(in australia)
on the "triple M essential 2007"
i dont remember the lyrics
it was half spoken word
and sounded alot like the intro to that thirsty merc song -
"someday, someday"
it sounded old rockish/popish
i think its a few years old
male singer.
i barely remember lyrics
it was on a few hours ago
songs about him and a girl i think
(that narrows it down to about.. 3million songs)
i know i havent given much info
but if anyone in queensland was listening today and might know the song
pleaseee tell me
i dont like it THAT much it just annoys me to have a song stuck in my head that i dont know

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Because that song is sure as hell half-spoken word, right boreamor?
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Its not that song
Its an older song by the sounds of it
not as popular as that one as ive never heard it before