In my Ibanez RG2570E:
Dimarzio x2n in bridge
Dimarzio Tone Zone in neck

I figure Id go for this combo, since my fave guitarist, Michael Romeo (symphony x) uses them, but I was doubting the Tonezone in the neck, since I heard its mainly used in bridge position?
It would probably work. However...through a Microcube it wouldn't make any real difference. Is that your only amp?
Nono, dont mind the amp at all... Getting a new one for christmas, probably a Mesa F or a Laney GH
Okie dokie. Fair enough. There are few DiMarzio pickups that I've tried, and I haven't tried the Tone Zone, but I like the sound of the Air Norton in the neck. Might not be for you, though. I didn't even think the Tone Zone was available as a neck pickup, to be honest.
There should be, on Dimarzio.com under the Tone Zone, there are soundclips with it, that say they are in neck
Wow. I didn't know Kessier Hsu used a Tone Zone in the neck, either. I quite like his sound. Anyway, if that's what you think would suit you, I'd say give it a go, however I'll point out now that on DiMarzio's site it is only really recommended as a bridge pickup. Just something to be aware of.
I wouldn't even contemplate the Tone Zone in the neck unless you know exactly what you're doing with regards to pickups...the fact that you're asking here implies that you don't.

Wait till you've got your new amp, you can't possibly make an informed decision on what you want from your pickups until you already know the tone you want to change.
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