i can't honestly remember if i put another version of this out here somewhere, but here's the almost complete one, just have to think of an ending. C4C and such

thanks ahead for helping
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Cool intro. Then the next riff is kinda strange, but still good. The chorus has a great lead and rythym. Love all the riffs, but i think you should of added, bass/drums. It would make it sound more like a song then a guitar part. And i don't think the part at the chorus(the power chords) should be paml muted just normal. C4C? The one on the front page.
The arpeggios remind me a lot of the style I play, having both guitars flow in and out of each other. Only ... your effort is a bit more involved.

I loved the chord structure, mostly. I've always been a fan of finding those odd shapes and constructing something out of them, and you've pulled it off quite nicely.

My only gripes are with the 2nd arpeggio pattern, around the 80 - 90 section. If dissonance was what you were going for, then that's alright, and it did come out amazingly in some areas; but I just couldn't get past that 3rd bar in the set with the B arpeggio. That, and the solo. It just didn't deliver enough for me. I'm not saying you "must play like Kirk Hammett/Steve Vai/whoever", but it was just lacking something. Wish I could help more...

Overall, it's a great piece. If you ever finish it, be sure to post it - I'd love to hear the end result.