im wanting something like john mayer's strat.
its a MIM strat with a floating tremelo.
i got it used from a local guitar store. and i cant really tell anything about it.
so if you could tell me information that i dont know, that would be appreciated.

here are some pics:

Looks good w/ the black. Altho Mayer's Strat is an SSS, i think his is pickguard is White. Maybe go on the Virtual guitar maker thing and play around with it.
the black already looks nice.
Maybe white or a white pearloiid would look good.
But...I don't know how "mayerish" you can make your guitar look with HH config.
Call me Wes.
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Judging by the serial number it was made in 2004.

I think a white pearloid pickguard would look nice. Or just keep the black one it has. Either way it will look sexy.
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The colour you have right now looks great, and I'm liking the double humbuckers.
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oh and another thing.
my input jack always comes loose.
i always unscrew the input jack and tighten it, but it always somehow comes loose again.

does anyone know how to fix this?
ive heard it happens to every strat.
^^ I think he means the jack where it attaches to the plate dood. In this case, just take a spring loaded washer put it behind the plate and then reassemble. Dee Dee DEE!
haha one more thing.
im thinking about installing a kill switch.
i have a few questions:

1. is it easy to install? (ive never souldered before, or done anything with wiring)
2. where should i put it? (im thinking right above the pickup selector)
3. would the wiring be different since i have two humbuckers?
Its the easiest mod you can do. There are several ways of doing this. Check online. The easiest way is to just interrupt the Hot signal. I would buy a new pickguard just so you can keep the original if you wanted to ever sell the guitar and put it back to stock.
alright. so you think i should just go to the killswitch thread and try it out?
ill probably try it out on the black pickguard.
and get a white pearloid.
do you think there will be a white pearloid pickguard for a strat with two humbuckers?
are there any other mods that i could do to this guitar?

i might as well try it while im doing the rest.
Theres millions of mods you can do dude... just check out what other people did in the forums, theres tons of info here.
i say keep as is or mirror pickguard.
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