My tab got denied for Blink 182 M&M's.
THere is no guitar pro one.
And this is 100% right.
But that is not my question.
My question is why?
Ill post it. And you deciede if its right. PLease. And tell me why it is denied.
New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip
Most likely it's denied cause its Blink, and there's pleanty of correct tabs there anyway, you don't need a Guitar Pro version too.

Scrap that, I've looked
Theres 4 Guitar Pro ones & a Power tab and two are 5 star.
That might be why
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i have tabbed a few songs and they all got denied and they are 100% correct. It is bull****
Ah.. I'm sick and tired to see this repetitious thread

Just a few reasons guys:

- We have a similar tab in the archives
- There are too many versions of the tab already
- It was inaccurate or not formatted
- It was intro or solo tab while we already have tabs for the whole song