I'm getting a pedal for X-MAS and it has to go good with the Fender Blues Junior I'm getting. I play SRV/Hendrix blues and Hendrix/RHCP type rock. I also like to experiment. I'm basically looking for a pedal to get some over drive on there that wont effect the BJ's tone too much. I was looking at the Bad Monkey and was wondering if it fits all my needs. So does it?

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Yup, I think so. I'm getting a BJ and at the moment I have a Bad Monkey, I'm sure they're gonna go together great.
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The bad monkey is pretty good in general for boosting, but if you have more money I think some people prefer the tubescreamers tho i've never played one and i think it might color your tone more than the bad monkey. But if you use the gain on the pedal it will always color your tone a little.
SRV used two tubescreamers so ya...go for that. Amazing tone.
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YA I was looking at the Tube Screamers but there almost $300 dollers down here so if I got one, thats all I'd be getting for X-MAS. (I'm not getting the BJ for x-mas I'm saving up for it). I think SRV used to use the Tube Screamer and thats who made them famous...
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
The Bad Monkey is very sweet for the price. Not as good as the Tubescreamers, but to get a proper 808 you need to either splash out on an Ibanez, locate a Maxon or build your own.
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The Bad Monkey is pretty transparent. By that I mean a lot of distortion pedals will compress the dynamics out of your playing. But the BM lets it through and the crunch goes from clean to medium.

It does boosts the mids and attenuates the highs. It also has both low and high tone controls to compensate. It's a good pedal. IMO you should try and get a DOD chorus FX65 to go with it. They run pretty cheap on eBay. The chorus will undo tone muting from the BM and open up the sound. And it's a good sounding chorus as well.
I like my bad monkey. At a start I just bought it the same day as I got the amp because I didn't wanna play clean all time, so I bought it just to have something cheap temporarily, untill I found something better to buy. But now I stick to this, it's an awesome pedal that fits my style perfectly.
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