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thinking of getting it, what are the pc requirements?

im sorry, i have no idea. i got it on xbox 360
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im sorry, i have no idea. i got it on xbox 360

Well that was silly.

PC requirements are pretty high, as they all are.
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hmmm... I can't get on the site to figure out because it tells me I'm not old enough. the games rated M (17+) and I'm 17, this is pissing me off.
ok so i got the game for PC and i was pretty sure that my pc met the requirements until i started single player after it installed. after the first level loaded, the game crashed and it went to a blank blue screen. not sure what happened there.. then, i tryed multiplayer and-that worked fine but i had to put the graphics pretty low for the game. im guessing my graphics card isnt good enough for the game so ill probably get another one soon anyway. its a really cool game on mp, though i wish i could play it on sp.
Helllll ya
You have to have a pretty meaty pc to play it. Nothing compared to wanting to play crysis tho
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I find that BF2 makes my computer more sluggish than CoD4 if that helps. Awesome game though. I bought it more for the multiplayer side though. Although singleplayer is great. I highly recommend this game.
I have a pretty ****ty computer but I run the game on pretty high graphics amazingly well. It usually lags to hell and back when I try to run other games like Oblivion or Jade Empire. But COD4 runs sooo smoothly, like butter. Story line was hella short but MP makes up for it somewhat. I beat it in 2 and a half hours
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How does the multi-player compare to counterstrike?

As for 360.... Better ranking system because you actually gain ranks, and improve your players abilities as well as unlocking new weapons. Better maps. Better graphics. But nothing can beat a gunz game in 3 stories.