I'm looking to start recording a bit. Laying down some backing tracks, writing melodies to play over them, and eventually playing my own songs! I'm hoping to be able to record onto my laptop, so I'd like to ask UG some questions.

For my home recording, I've considered getting some kind of line 6 pod with USB recording, or getting a interface and mike of some kind to use with my Fender Deville. The thing is, if I got a line 6 X3, I could get a Shure 57 or something and mike up my Deville through the X3, possibly at a lower quality then an interface, but I'd also have all the amp models that the X3 offers.

Plus, I do play in a band, and I'd like to possibly start another one, and the X3 could come in handy eventually, as my Fender is definately too heavy to use at weekly practice.

So does anybody have a X3? How does it stock up to the XT and pocket pod, and should I get the Live version? I'd love some opinions!

Lastly, I will be buying in the US, but I live in Europe, so could someone with an X3 tell me if the power adapter is 110-240 Volts or would I have to buy a new adapter?