hey guys, i am looking for some kind of software where i can record my riffs but is somewhat cheap.
i saw the line 6 toneport on someones UG profile.
i did some research on it and it looks good.
but i decided to consult the infinite wisdom of UG for help.
so any thoughts on it?

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I have a Guitarport and a Toneport UX2.

Buy a Toneport GX or UX instead of the guitarport.
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yeh if your going line 6, get a toneport, makes it much easier to record your sounds easily, and you have the option on mics for vocals, or maybe even drum lines, and you get both software for amp modeling and the recorindg stuff,, i would suggest a USB mixing board tho maybe , or save up and get the same with the line6 podx3 its awsome!
I have the gx...its hard to get heavier tones out of it that sound somewhat real..but I can get really fantastic crunch tones out of it and lead tones...at first I hated it, but its growing on me more and more..hope that helps