Hey guys,

Would the Epi Valve Junior head and Cab be good enough to gig with miked up? I'm playing mostly coffeeshops and small gigs. I play blues. I definetly want a tube amp . If you guys have any more suggestions please reccomond them. I have a $400 spending limit.


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mate if its being mic'd up to a PA, you can et away with anything down to a 30qatt solid state practicaly, although i would suggest 50watt, not sure about tube amps, but basicly if you lpaying small venues like that that set up would work fine on its own perhaps, but i would mic it maybe as well, but yeh, for 400 you can get a Very nice amp, if you goin tube tho i duno, probs a fender is best, dont get a marshel, dont suit blues, probs a fender or hewit or someting like that just got ry em out in the shops