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This is my first post on UG, so hello to everyone. My friend is looking for an amp to compliment his Ibanez J Custom. Right now, he has a Vox AD50VT, which he feels doesn't nearly meet the quality of his guitar. He's looking for an amp for around $1000 max. He plays mainly rock, metal, and just instrumental guitar in general (Vai, Petrucci, etc) He refuses to buy used. What do you guys recommend?
Carvin V3 Combo or halfstack, maybe a JSX if you can find a cheap one.

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^ Mesa f-30/50/100 are supposed to be really good. Maybe a Mesa Mark lV, Peavey 6505/5150, Carvin V3, Peavey JSX, XXX, some higher end Laney (i don't know much about them but i've heard good things about em')
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