So I did a nice clean-up of my MM Stingray. I pulled the strings off, cleaned under the pick-guard and around the pick-ups, and lemon oiled the neck. I noticed as soon as I put the strings back on, the tone was very "tinny". when I plug it into my amp it sounds like I'm playing through a tin can! I double checked everything and it looks all good. Should I take this as a hint that my strings are bad, or did I do something wrong? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.
It might be because you took your strings off, depending on how long they were off. There have been stories of strings becoming like new after removing them, for about a day. Just keep playing and see if it goes away.
the tin is the sound of a brand new string, like jazz said when yo utook them off i tgave them time to relax and restore very slightly, it will go away soon enough

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I'd checkl out your intonation though. Sometimes my strings get a tad tinny, and a quick, and slight, saddle adjustment sorts it ight out.

Intonation seems good so I didn't adjust the saddle length. I wanted to lower my action anyway, I dropped my saddles a little. It seemed to help get rid of tinny sound a little. What should I do to my saddles to help get rid of the tinny sounds? I played it about 2hr yesterday and about an 1hr so far today. I hope it starts to go away.... cant get my favorite thump out of it and its driving me nuts.