is it possible to wire an emg 81 in the bridge and then a passive seymore duncan dimarzio in th neck? is it a bitch?
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It would be tricky, because you would need a 2-way pickup selector switch, because they can't run in the same circuit, and you may need a new input jack, but it's still possible
You don't need a new jack (at least I don't think so) but you need a 2 way switch and a set of pots for each pickup.

It can be done, but they can't be on at the same time, due to impendance differences. Also note taht you need enough space to fit 4 knobs. So a Les Paul type guitar will be perfect.

You basically need to wire them how you would wire seperate pickups, only make them share the switch and jack.

And 2-way switches are easy to find. Go to any hardware/electric store. Most switches are 2 ways, anway.
Make sure the neck pickup has a lot of output, so you don't loose too much volume when switching pickups. Active pickups also need 250k pots whereas passive often have 500k. But don't ask me further on that because I'm not an expert. If I were you I'd look into DiMarzio D-Activators instead of EMG, more practical as they're passive and they also sound better in my opinion. They were modeled after the EMGs but the undesirable qualities were taken away, such as the OTT compression, glass shattering highs etc.
^ Actives need a 25k pot. Actives also should have a stereo jack to act as a switch to turn off the battery when a cable is not plugged in.

You will need two separate controls for each of the pickups. 500k or 250k pots for the passive, and 25k pots for the active.

You could also use this preamp to set the output of the passive to be more compatable with the active pickup, allowing you to use one circuit for both pickups.
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500k or 250k pots for the passive, and 25k pots for the active.

Ah thanks, I get it now