awesome! that was really good. the sloppiness gave it the style of the good old rock days.
wow... very nice
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Damn fine job. For a second I almost couldn't distinguish it from the original. Really really good work man.
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yea i thoguht you posted the original for the first like 7 seconds of the song.
wow dude spot on!
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That was sweet. My only "issue" was I thought it was a little high gain for the song, but in the end it sounded sweet!
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what did you use to record?

You always have awesome tone!!

Thanks for the compliment man!

As my latest covers ive been using this:

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awesome cover dude. love that song. can i suggest big city nights next?
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awesome. If only there were vocals, it would make the song perfect. i also checked out Sweet Child O' Mine. Not bad. Not bad
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That's a ****ing amazing cover dude!!!

did you get the tab from here?

Nice job!!!
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What a great rendition of a sweet ole classic....and....you nailed it!
My only suggestion..and this is just my opinion...the rythem guitars are just a bit too upfront in the mix.
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Awesome cover of an awesome song, got me pumped. Well done!
man that is some great guitar playing, if it had vocals you could melt some faces