is the tornado of souls solo harder than the sweet child o' mine solo?
ive been learning the tornado of souls solo and i got all the slow parts down pretty well. but the part near the end is crazy. is the scom solo easier?
Harder? Both are solos. Effecting the song for different means.
I would imagine so. Marty Friedman is one of the elites in terms of guitar technique, whereas Slash is not. (Since I know some stupid noob would attempt to flame me unless I justified this statement, I'm not in any way saying that Slash is a bad guitarist; I actually have tremendous respect for him. However, he's not a particularly technical player, and Marty Friedman is.)
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Friedman is a guitar god and gets not nearly enough credit. Im not undermining slash but Guns and Roses are played on the radio more often. Marty crushes. In my opinion he was Megadeths best
Yeah, the tornado of souls solo is really hard. Personally i dont like how the Sweet Child o mine solo sounds.