So instead of spending the 130-140 on the Route 66, I was looking at a Dyna Comp and FAB OD. I know it'll be less quality as an od, but I already have a blues dtiver.

Is it a good poedal, or awful? Blues tones? What sound can I get out of it?

Or should I jujst stick wit the Route 66?

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I think its a pretty solid pedal. Sounds good, but I wouldn't gig with it. The dyna Comp on the other hand is an excellent compressor, better then whats on the route 66, but the Rotue 66s Overdrive is much higher quality then that of the FAB. I think a good cross between the two is the Tech 21 American Women.
its not that bad but their is better out thier.

My mates has giged with mine and it was fine.
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Alright thanks.

Like I said I already have the BD-2, which I love. The price jsut attracted me and I figured I could use another overdrive for blues, because my BD-2 is set for a classic rock driven od.

Do you think it's handle blues?? If not, what's a good OD for under like 80 bucks?
Do you like anime/manga?
PM me about buying the graphic novels I'm trying to sell
I had the FAB D1, before I shipped it off with my MG, awesome pedal, for £10, really great for warm rock tones, sort of AC/DC ish, not giant amounts of gain, but that isnt what I wanted, I just wanted a cheap pedal to replace my crappy MG distortion, that's exactly what I got, and it did it very well at that. Never got that chance to try it with my Laney which I regret, but apparently, the OD is supposed to be better yet.
A good OD for under $80 would be a Digitech Bad Monkey.
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