I really like my Dimarzio cables. For a bit more you could pick up some sweet planet waves cables as well.
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Is it worth 20+ dollars for Dimarzio cables? Are they any better then the Pro co Lifelines?
In my own personal experience anytime I've bought an expensive cable it has inevitably broken in weeks while cheap ones will still be here after the apocalypse comes.I don't think this has anythignt o do with cable quality, just my own bad luck.
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Monster Rock Have the best shielding and sound quality.
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I hate my monster rock cable. Buy the insturment cable if you are gonna buy monster. I have a monster rock, and a Horizon Vintage cable. I use the horizon... The monster rock cable has a memory built into the rubber, so it will always stay in a coil. It is a pain in the ass...
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DiMarzios are practically indestructible. The criteria for them was that they must be really difficult to break, so they came up with the cymbal test. Which is dropping a Ride on it from 4 feet. So it's got this funky Nylon braid that's like properly hard to break, no matter how dumb you are.
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