When im playing and strumming pretty fast my treble pickup (the brigde one) seems to cut out but then I just tap the pickup selector switch and its fine. I been having this problem a lot latley with it cutting in and out and im wondering what it is.
could also be that the switch needs cleaning. I have the same problem on mine with both knobs and the selector.
t's to do with the pots/switch.

Bad soldering/wiring most likely, I have the exact same problem with my Wesley thingymabob. I just cant be arsed fixing it.
so i should just take it to my guitar store? What all would they have to do to it.
you can buy some contact cleaner and spray that into the potentiometers and switch, or you could buy a new switch and pots and replace them yourself (if you know, or are willing to learn how to solder).