Culture of Violence (www.myspace.com/cultureofviolence1) is looking for Keyboard players.

-over 18 and under 25 years of age.

-must have professional equipment.

-must have experience performing and recording.

-must do promotion work.

-must be open-minded and good attitude about the many directions our music will take.

-must rehearse at least 2 times, we also need a rehearsal space.

-must be able to play shows weekly all over the Midwest, for which reliable transportation is a must.

Culture of Violence hit the MN scene in mid 2006, making fans and friends all over the state, while gaining the respect from other musicians, producers, engineers, and everyone that came across over their past 50 shows, several of them to over 400 fans.

If interested email us at: escorpionslb@hotmail.com, and come prepared. Influences include: 93X and heavy rock/metal in general.

For more info on C.o.V. visit us at:


Serious inquiries only,

Culture of Violence
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