A Line 6 Spider III 120 to be exact. I want it, but does anyone own one and like it?

I played one, actually, it's earlier version, and all I can say is "don't get it".
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Its not that bad, depends what u want it for, if its for practicing, its good, other than that, Im ashamed of bringing this amp to my music class, distortion aint that good, but suits me for when i'm just practicing.
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I never understood the Line 6 hate until I owned one.

Don't get me wrong, I loved it when I first pulled it out of the box but by day 90 I was ready to throw it out the window. Needless to say I recently sold off my Spider III 75 and do not regret it at all. Look, the 120 goes for around $400. For that much you can get something that has far better tone. For example, the Epi Valve Jr. stack wil only set you back $200 (used) which leaves room for a few pedals to match your style. I took a huge step back and am now just using an Orange Crush 15R I picked up on eBay for $10 and a screamin blues pedal I wound up getting for free. Then I went out and picked up a used Digitek RP300A multi-pedal for something to play around on. I actually like this setup better than the Spider.

I will be shopping for a small tube amp after the holidays.

Just think about it before making the purchase.
They are good versatile amps imo that are perfect for practice. That said, I had a Spider II and I jumped for joy the moment the guy in GC said they would do the trade for the VJ they had in. They are pretty good for practice, but the effects are cheese and are inconsistent, the high gain tones sound a bit digital, and they are pricey. If you could find a used one though, I would go for it.
I haven't had my Line 6 Spider 3 120 for too long, but I love it. Does everything I want it to do, and I play pretty much any kind of music, from metal to country, etc. There are almost too many presets to go through, and though some of them sound the same there is a wide variety of sounds that can be had. If the price is right I would go for it. They are fun amps to fool around with, and though I have not gigged with it yet it seems to be pretty sturdy, as I have now bumped into it many times. Each time hurt me more than it did the amp.
IMO Spiders over 30w are ripoffs, and the smaller ones aren't that great for their price. Get a nice little tube combo that suits the styles you play.
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a dude used a spider 30 for a school performance playing their ****ty little song, and it just sounded like complete crap. all mushed up and noisy. couldnt tell what they were playing, the song probably wasnt that bad, was all the amp.