OK I have a Ibanez RG270. Recently I decided I know what would be a great idea lets remove all the strings buy some different ones (went from hybrid slinky's to powers) while all the bits and peices were off I cleaned them put the thing back together and know I can't tune it in, I can't get the tension right etc yada yada yada.

Firstly let me point out yes I know there are lots of places that give advice on resetting floyd rose and setting it up again but I'm struggling. Yes I know I shouldn't have took my guitar to pieces but, well I wanted to see how it worked (and I don't understand it lol). And finally none of the BS that Floyd rose's are S*it etc thats not helpful & thats your opinion and to be honest I don't wanna hear it.

So any help or links would be awesome guys.
well if you changed string gauge, you'll have to tighten the springs in the back (if you got heavier strings) or loosen them (if you got lighter strings) Floyd roses are a pain, i'd say if you can't fix that within an hour or two, take it to a pro
Um, if you managed to put the bridge back on, put a 9v battery under it, then put strings on/tune. It'll save a lot of time...