you'd best check out another korina guitar (such as the epiphone flying v) to see if it actually suits your taste
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Looks and sound nice but seems expensive for a Galveston guitar. It's $360.00 plus the $34.00 shipping. Call it $400.00. I have seen many of them in low end stores around here and not for much. Some as low as $129.99 and the highest about $249.99. I never saw this model but I have seen a few V and Explorer copies with set necks with the same name. I have also seen the same guitars with other names on them like Davidson and Tennessee to name a couple. I assume they are all made in China under one manufacturer and stamped with whoevers name who orders them. For that amout of money your better off with a brand name guitar from Epiphone, BC Rich or DEAN. It might not be as fancy but I would bet it would last longer and be of better quality. I don't mind buying a no name guitar and I am not going to say the guitar is a piece of crap because I haven't played that exact one. With these companies you can play five identical guitar and only one will be good. I have played Galvestons and I do not care for the ones I played.

The other guitar is from a guy who buys them and does the inlay work from what I understand and his work is outstanding! I did see one of the guitars recently at the shop. It was dropped off to have some work done to it. Check the shipping it's $120.00. I don't know if these guitars are made in VN or not but it's possible they are because labor rates are really low and they are trying to get in on the manufacturing market like Korea did many years ago. OH and you have to realize it's coming from Nam his feedback is pretty good some negatives but lots of good feedback so I don't know if I would worry about it not gettingn here. I really don't like buying stuff from Ebay that comes in from outside the US but that's me.

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