hey guys, selling an ibanez s370(discontinued model, but just like the 470), gret condition, comes with a 15 watt practice amp...

guitar has floyd rose installed and plays wonderfully with its H/S/H design, post if interested and i will post pics.

250$ obo (money only)
anyone interested, i will post pics for people who are serious about buying it.

please post your offer as well :-)
Oh and I would like some pics.

Honestly i don't care if some parts of the paint are a bit chipped as long it doesn't affect the quality of the guitar itself.
just the guitar, make me an offer please.....it wont be much less seing as i wanted to get rid of all the gear because the amp isnt all that great.
Can I see some pics first?

If in mediocore - lots of damages 180- 250 $

good condition - near mint 300

MINT 350
But this pricing is assuming its just black since black is the most often color, if its in an exotic color i have no problem raising my offer. Thanks.
may i ask why you are so eager to buy the guitar, maybe we can meet halfway since your in new jersey?? or you can come here and try it out yourself??
and my digi cam runs on AA batts, lol we only have one so tomorrow ill use my friends cell for pics or just buy some new batteries after work. very sorry
Hmm, I am serious in buying it, hehe it's just that I don't have a car to meet you "half way". But I know how they sound like and what the feel of the guitar is as my friend also has one, I just want to check out the conditions through pictures.

No need for me and you to meet up halfway and end up not buying the guitar, it'd be a shame.

I would love some pictures.
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What color is it? Are you open to trades?

its an ice blue finish.