I currently have a Fender Champ 12. I was browsing craigslist and found someone selling a Marshall DSL 401 for $350.

I mainly play Metal, so I'm not too fussy on clean tone. I practice mostly but hope to start jammng/gigging in the near future. So should I check the Marshall out, or wait and save up for a quality head and cabinet?
DSLs are good. Id go for it if u can. Itll definately dp gigs, and is pretty awesome. But u might wanna get a good OD pedal.
its a really nice amp, and at that price I'd definately check it out. go play it, I reckon you'd like it. nice distortion sounds, not the best, but usable cleans, but since you say you're not too fussy on cleans that shouldn't bother you. definately check it out. as for power for gigs/jamming, it'll be easily powerful enough, and anywhere it's not big enough, and most place that it'll be real good for, will mic you up anyway.
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