Between the Squier Vintage Modified Jazz and the Fender Deluxe P-Bass Special which is better. The Fender is twice thr price but it has the p/J setup which I have always found interesting. I've narrowed it down to these two because they are both avaliable with a maple neck and have jazz necks. I don't have a chance to try both because my local music store doesn't "deal" with Fender and the nearest Guitar Center is 40 minutes away.

I play blues and 80's metal/hard rock.



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TS, is this a serious question? The P-bass special will be a far superior bass.

It's a choice of pickups. I have no clue how either the dual jazz pickups or the P/J pickups sound/can sound.
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^just out of curiosity why would you go for the Squier over a very good Fender? I know the Squier's good but the P-bass special is a much better bass.


Well, the P/J I find ridiculous, and I hate it. I would normally take two singles over it any time. But you're getting so much more bass with the P special that I think it's worth it. Although I would look at the Highway 1's maybe as an alternative if you're not looking for a P/J.
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You're paying for better selected woods, better pickups, better tone circuit, better finish, more colour options, and far better quality control. Well worth the extra cash, which, to be honest, isn't all that much.