Hey, as you can see I'm new to the whole guitar playing. My question is, I was playing and all of a sudden the amp went crazy, just started blazing out squeaks. I shut it off, turned it back on and tryed playing, but no sound, just a low buzz. I'm playing on my brother's guitar, which I think is about 4-5 years old, so I bet you are going to say just buy a new guitar. I most likely will, it's a Dean, not sure what type though. Please help because I don't feel like pitching $200 for a guitar right now.
it sounds like you blew a speaker. im not sure though.
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I'd say something's wrong with your amp
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or it could be your cord
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Well it could be that the input jack or whatever u call that on the guitar is loose.

It happens with alot of guitars.

Just wiggle the cable around inside the guitar and see if it makes it kind of work.

If it does, then either u just tighten the knut around it, or if the wiring came off inside, you might have to sodder it back.

And if you were getting a new guitar, i suggest you should probably invest in one a little more expensive than $200.
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people have guitars over 40 years old and they still play fine
the problem is obviously with your amp
I'd say from experience that it's your guitar... I had the exact same problem but it was because the guitar shorted out also i've had a cord with a short do the same thing... so try a diff guitar with a diff cord and if it still don't work than it's your amp...
I tried over 3 amps now, and nothing, same with cables I've tied, I think it's the input jack.
take that same axe to your least favorit music shop ,you know where the sales guys can see you probly won't buy anything' plug in to some big piece of crap ypu wouldn't have even if they gave it to you..see if the same thing happens....they will offer to fix your guitar .....
My first assumption would be the cable; so try and use another one to see if thats the problem.

The other possibilites would be that a speaker was blown- so if it was a practice amp with one speaker, it would not work.

also check the connections between the guitar and cable. Occasionally these can get loose, on guitars (more often cheaper ones).

If all else fails, just go to a music store you trust and ask an employee
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