i got plenty plenty of dvd's i have downloaded and none of them cover picking technique. they always say the same. do this slow and you become fast blah blah

is there a dvd that goes over picking technique such as the motions,correct way to hold pick? anything that can help me get faster with my picking im stuck around 110bpms

any help is appreciated
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There not really a "correct" way to hold a pick. I just do alot of alternate picking exercises. When I play I dont alternate pick exclusivly but do use it more than I did before. It depends on what you play alot of. The way to pick when doing metallica is different than you would when playing SRV. I try to stick with just a couple of playing styles. AC/DC, Sabbath, Zeppelin.
Get Out Of My Yard - Paul Gilbert DVD. There's a part of the video where he talks about how he need to grab the pick and why.
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