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If I had the money, yes, why not? Then I would buy EVH to play it
Yes, just to hang it on my wall and be like,"Hai guyz, i gots EVH replika lulz."
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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lol some idiot sold his corvette for this
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If I had the money I'd buy the 3000 worth of gear I actually want and donate the rest to charity...
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I wouldn't play it, but if I was the richest foo in the land, I would buy and put it in a glass case!
Nope, not my style.
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As the title says, i busted a nut lol
how much do they cost to fix?
no, because i'm lefthanded
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You are so going to hell, but that is hilarious.

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no, i would rather have a guitar that i can make my own. not an eddie van halen replica. no offense to EVH.
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Yea, then I'd have epic tapping skills cause I have EVH's guitar.

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no, because i'm lefthanded

+1. Plus, i don't like EVH.
It's gonna be a blue day
EVH can go **** himself if he wants $25000 for a replica of one of his guitars.
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if i had the money, id buy it.

but i dont.

so i wouldnt even think about it.

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yeah sure, why not it'd be fun to play enev if it does look like it fell of a lorry in deepest darkest ukraine
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Im sure there have been a million threads all over the net on this. if I had more money then I knew what to do with, why not? ( <- that btw is it target market) but I don't. $17,000 couldn't even tempt me on that.
I got mail showing off that product...jeez NO
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The Charvel ones are a lot better value for money, based on what I've seen and heard.

But whats funny is that originally, the guitar on the front of the debut Van Halen album cost Eddie about $250 to mash together. Or so legend tells us. Might've been a bit more or a bit less, but no where near $25,000. Thats way too much.

I love Van Halen but...that is just too much for a guitar. Buy his Peavy for $2000 off ebay. Buy the Musicman for the same price. Get a Kramer and do it up to look like his did. Buy a load of assorted Fender bits and string it together like he did. But for the love of God, don't spend that much money on this guitar. Seriously a Corvette? What was that guy thinking.
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on one of the reviews...

Ease of Use:
How can you screw up a single pickup, a volume knob and a floyd rose?

He has obviosuly never had a guitar witha floyd rose
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Nope, If i had that much money I'd spend it on more important things...

A) I'm not a Van Halen fan.

B)I think that guitar is ugly.

Wow its a lot of money to say what bad condition its in...

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No I'd rather buy this
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Thats love.

Date idea?
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At least you're thinking out of the box.

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Whats the point? I could just get a FR strat take out some pickups and attack it w/ paint. IF I wanted a guitar like that in the 1st place, which I currently don't.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
i just remembered i saw Eddie Van Halen doing a demo vid with one of these and he stuck it back in the case with a burning cigarette still in the headstock
Top lel.
i would rather get a nice ESP or Razorback + some awesome amp like Engl Fireball or something
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No way. Plus I don't like signature models/replicas anyway, it doesn't feel like it's truly mine then for some reason.
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If I had $25,000 I'd waste invest it on hookers and blow.

This here is a smart guy. Invest in the future!

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This here is a smart guy. Invest in the future!

you could probably make quite some profit over $25k of blow
No, not even if I had the money, I could buy alot of guitars that are better than that one for much much much less than that.
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