Im new at this... how do i get like a "youtube-like" perspective where i can record my vid and sound at the same time?
you use any video recorder you have, weather it be a web cam or other video cam.
transfer it without audio.
at the same time as recording the video setup your audio recording rig.
Im using a recording card with a small mixer to record a mic and guitar at the same time in some videos.

Then import video
import audio
sync the two in some type of NLE (Non-Linear Editing) program.
Adobe premiere, Final Cut Pro, Avid Express...all good programs to edit with but high in price.
you can also use a free program on Windows PCs called Windows Movie Maker.
I find the vista version is the best one so far.
Any webcam should come with some software for recording video.... Inside this software there should be an option of selecting the sound source ... I plug my guitar through a Tonelab into my audio card and in the Video Software I select my audio card as a source. The result is pretty good.