We do at my school, and I thought you shouldn't. I am also looking into buying a starter bass amp, nothing amazing.
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Don't overdo the volume and it won't hurt it. I had a Bass dude I used to jam with that only ever had a couple regular guitar amps (10" & 12" speaker combos) - it's all he ever used and they worked fine - I wouldn't recommend turning it to 10 on some little fart 6 or 8 inch speaker maybe.
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It will ruin your speaker.

Will it really damage the speaker? Or will it just sound bad?
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no, you will blow the speaker because it's not designed to take the low frequencies on a bass.
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It'll only damage the speaker if you use it like continueisly

not if like once a week
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I don't know, people always say you can damage the speaker.

However, my buddy plays bass on his all the time, even at jams, and it sounds the same as when I first played it.
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it reall really really can ruin ur speaker.

it absolutely depends on the combo, and the volume.

should you do it? well that's up to you and ur experience with that amp.

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