Again, I'm tight on cash, but I'd like to start getting into the effects business. I'm the kind of person that really wants to hear a significant, natural, difference when I switch on an effect. It's worthless to me if it increases the treble by whatever db and i can't tell. Would you guys reccommend a multi-effects pedalboard or should I collect single effects? Also, any suggestions?
I personally use a multi fx because I can't afford seperate pedals.
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A good quality multiFX (like the RP350 or high level Korg or Boss) can be as good as the singles, if not more so.

Singles are often not "true bypass". That is, unless you pay ALOT of money. The RP350 for example, is not only true bypass, when playing direct to amp, you don't have the problem of your tone being drained by 3 (or 6) pedals without TRUE bypass.

Effects on a good multi fx are often made for each other. Sometimes two good singles clash against each other.

I thought I'd fight the multi-fx corner... though only if they are good units.
personally single effects, the best sound each time you turn one of em' on. but since you are tight on cash i would recommend those multi-effect handheld ones by like korg or something. those are like 70 bucks or something. or you could save like 400 bucks and get a boss multi effect board or somemthing of the nature
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personally single effects, the best sound each time you turn one of em' on. but since you are tight on cash i would recommend those multi-effect handheld ones by like korg or something. those are like 70 bucks or something. or you could save like 400 bucks and get a boss multi effect board or somemthing of the nature

Yes, those are really good quality. If you want something between the two check out the RP350 by Digitech.
digitech pedals suck. the only good multi effects pedals are top of the line korg or boss pedals
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If the sound of each effect is important to you, then you want to hand pick each effect. It's highly unlikely that any multi-FX pedal will give you the best sound to you on every setting. So even with the multi, you may feel the need to have a couple singles, too. With singles, you can do like me and have different brands for different needs. I have an Ibanez OD, Vox wah, a few EHX modulation FX, and a couple fancy boutique pedals, too.
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i personally prefer utopia, very nice at 200$, however you need to decide what is right for you. pedals are like guitars in that you can go to a guitar store to try them out. try bringing your guitar to a local outlet, i am sure the employees will let you give the pedals a test drive before you buy them.
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MultiFX are the way to go on a budget. You will break the bank buying single fx boxes. You should really give a budget. You don't say where you're from but I find great deals on Craigslist. And occasionally on eBay, but not as often. Many MultiFX also come with a rhythm (drum) machine for working on your timing. A rhythm machine also helps get you in a groove.

How good any FX sounds is dependant on many things including your playing ability, preset tweaking, and the amp you are feeding it into. I recently picked up a GNX3 for $100. It has a built in rhythm machine and 8 track recorder. I can record myself with the drums and layer on more tracks.

I buy and sell stuff on Craigslist, so have tried quite a few multifx units. They all have pros and cons. My Vox ToneLab ($125 used) has great amp/distortion models that don't sound fizzy. Fizziness is a big problem with distortion on multifx. The Boss GT-8 has highly regarded FX but is generally low ranked in the amp/distortion modeling w/ lots of fizz. The GNX has amp warping. You can create two amp models and mix them togeather to creat new amp models. It's a nice unit. A bit fizzy but not as bad as the GT-8. The RP350/250 uses the latest AudioDNA2 chips and has a rhythm machine.

Things to look for are...

1) Software configuration and custom preset backup (midi or usb connectivity).
2) More than just a number for patch settings. This makes it much easier to remember the patches.
3) You may like direct recording over USB, so consider that too.
4) Rhythm Machine
5) On board recording (not so common)
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You haven't stated your price range so it is kinda tough to answer your question.

If you are a newer player (under 2 or 3 years) and don't know what effects you want I would recomend a Multi. This gives you the option of screwing around with the different effects and gives you a chance to mold how you want your tone to sound down the road.

If you have been playing for while and know what you want, singles are definatly the way to go. You have much more tweaking ability of each effect. Single effects generally sound far superior to multis (Jack of all trades,Master of none). You also have the option of buying True-Bypass stomps and choosing the order of effects, which does have an affect on the final output. Putting an OD before or after a Fuzz for example makes a huge difference on the final output.

Basicly if you are serious about commiting yourself to being a guitar player go the single route. If you are a more casual player, then by all means go the multi-effects route. You will have all the different effects and lots of fun mixing them together, but it will be kinda sterile.
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Well, I'm starting to play with a band, but it's just for high school. I'd like to add different sounds to our music. I have enough money to get several singles, but I don't really want to spend it all on pedals because I'm saving for family gifts and the like. I'm looking at the Line 6 multi-fx boards, how are those? Compared to other boards?
To me, the only realistic choice for a multi effect unit under the $400 mark is the GT-8 (or possibly, the ME-50 if you don't really need many effects). See my GT-8 thread (link in sig) for more information.
No multieffects are as good as seperate pedals!
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it sounds like its all opinons. i prefer line6 and vox multi-fx, and the only single pedals i use are a dunlop wah, digitech whammy, and a tuner. just go for what you want, if you don;t like it, thats what they make recipts for!!
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I own a Digitech RP-350 and its awesome, its easy to use, tweakable as hell and has a lot of options, although I always want more control, but than again a friend of mine has a Korg AX 1500G and its not even close to the rp 350, since you say you are on a budget I would highly recommend the Digitech.
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Multi effects are good to start out on. Get a cheap RP or something, (or an amp with lots of effects built in) and play with it or a year or so. At the end of the year, you're ear will mature, your taste will mature, and you'll have a better idea of what kind of tone and effects you want.

THEN, you can be armed with the knoledge of what you want to hear, and you can start buying single pedals to get you where you want to go. This is what I did, and now all my pedals are fuzzes and od's, because my multi-effects expirimentation taught me that I'm not into chorus, flanging, phasing, reverb, or tremolo.
I have 2 multi effects pedals both are on a shelf gathering dust. I used em at first then less and less, in the end only as a tuner and volume pedal. Most of them are pretty good at choking the signal from your guitar not improving it. And I found I dont really need so many effects now. A flanger, chorus, wah and compression occasionaly a delay. I use the amps distortion it sounds alot better than any of the pedals I tried.