I have a cheap strat copy guitar and i want change it to HSH. I dont think its routed for HSH, its SSS. I'm getting a new pickguard and humbuckers. Would i need anything else? What about wiring, do i just put the wires from he humbuckers to where the singles were wired to? And what about routing, would i need to seal it or anything like that, or just rout it and leave it because its under the pickguard?

Sorry for noobish q's, first guitar mod

Here's what it looks like now

And heres what it want it to turn out like
Humbuckers are overrated, stick with singles.
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Please don't make the humbuckers gold.
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If you make the humbuckers gold, I will hunt you down and shoot you that is frickin disgusting, but cool idea nonetheless
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yea i was gonna have them gold but they are going to be chrome now. So do i need to seal it or not when i rout space for the humbuckers?