Ok, I'm not *TOO* new to guitar, but I'm trying to play Welcome Home, by Coheed, and I know how to play it, its just a matter of my damn fingers moving fast enough.

Are there any specific exercises that I can use to make then move faster?

Thanks a bunch!
I find practising with a metronome helps to improve speed and you can notice yourself improving. I play frets 1-2-3-4 of the first string in between each beep of the metronome then move onto the second string etc. When this gets easy, move the tempo up and repeat.

Sorry if that sounded confusing...not too good at explaining things lol but it does make your fingers faster.
^he is playing 16th notes

that is correct play it at a VERY comfortable speed (not nessesarily slow), a speed where you can pull off every part of it...and as you get better gradually speed up...playing to a metronome helps but you have to develop pretty good rhythm in the process (which certainly is not a bad thing, but might make it hard to do at first)
practice slow first.

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As my teacher likes to say: speed is the effect of perfection!
so practice slow and get faster, as CheeseBeard said,
a metronome can be very helpful with that!
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"speed is a by-product of practice"

some guy said that i forgot who but its pretty true (hey that rhymes!)
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practice scales with a metronome at steadily increasing speeds, that way you dont just get fast, but if you pay attention, you'll be able to improvise automatically. then practice improvising in a certain scale.

...wow... i should do that too
like it was said before. practice your scales. i like the pentatonic major or minor doesn't matter. that helped me. also just playing helps a lot even if it doesn't seem like it it is slowly helping you