I was wondering How I tune my guitar to drop D, and or any other drop settings. Can someone please hook my up with a link or something?
its pretty easy, you know how you tune the E string to the 5th fret to the open of A string instead of tuning to the 5th fret tune to the 7th fret it should be perfect.
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You tune the low e down to d to play in drop d
you tune every string down 1 whole step to play in d standard
and two whole steps down to play in c standard
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well anyways, if you wana drop D, instead of tuning to E on your 6th string, go to the 7th fret on your 6th string, and make it unison (same note) as your 5th string... yes i sort of phrased that wrong but sorry.
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Quote by MEGADETH1122
i keep my rake in dropped D

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