Hi all,

I've been using guitar pro software on my pc to practise solos and riffs and working up speed but recently i've been unable to hear any sound from the program apart from the intro melody .

I'm not sure whether i've accidently changed a setting but i can never hear the metronome anymore (even though its up full vol.) and can only sometimes hear the track playing if i click on the solo box next to the track name but this doesn't work all the time.

I've also tried installing and reinstalling several times but this hasn't helped lol. Anyone know how to fix this/why it's happening?

Thanks a lot
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As for your question, I honestly have no idea, it's also done that to me on this computer and now it doesn't even play any sound so I had to install it on another computer. I don't get it.
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Yeah it seemed to happen all of sudden which is a bit weird and annoying. I would have posted this on the guitar pro official site but they don't have any forums .

Thanks for the reply
i think thats happened to me.. check your sound software to see if no other programs using the MIDI or whatever it is.
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