I've got a friend who's got himself into thousands of pounds worth of debt through gambling, and I've always said he's stupid for doing it but recently I've had the occasional football bet or maybe a spin on the roulette and I can see how easy it is to go down that route.

Granted, I've been very lucky so far. I placed my first few bets last week and since then I've made about £50. Not a lot, but for doing absolultley no work pretty cool. Yeah, my luck will probably change soon I know, and I'm sure when it does I'll stop gambling (I hope!)

So UG, who here likes the occasional flutter? Or maybe some of you might consider yourselves to having gambling problems?
with a rake like that, why would you?
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I put the odd pound coin into a fruity on a weekend out, but apart from that, never. It's just a bit of fun, making a "career" out of it like some people I know/knew isn't an option really.