hey everybody, im thinking of building my own pedal board soon, and i have a quick question. would it be possible to use magnet strips to hold my pedals to the board? or would it mess with the sound. i mean gluing magnetic tape to the board, then putting opposite magnets on the pedals, basically as a replacement for velcro. would it work?
Its like putting a magnet on a computer: Not good for it and it can cause issues with the internals of the pedal.
That and it wouldn really hold as well as you need it to. Think about it; even the strongest magnets can slide. Sliding is what you dont want, lifting isnt a problem
I wouldn't recommend it. I bought a roll of velcro for under $20. I put the looped side on the stomp and the softer fuzzy side on the board. Works like a charm.

The roll comes with two seperate strips, cut to length and you're good to go.
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