Lately I've been getting into harmonies. I just love the way they sound. Such as in Black Dog by Led Zeppelin where they play the verse where the second guitar comes in.

Could you guys recommend me some songs with good harmonies in them. Any type of music is fine except for classical, not into that.
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Afraid To Shoot Strangers - Iron Maiden.

That's also my ringtone atm

try some BLS

EDIT: i thought you said harmonics srry.
check out "a gunshot to the head of trepidation" by trivium
and "anthem" by trivium
and some unearth
and dragonforce
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off the top of my head:

into the fade - qotsa
gardenia - kyuss
track 8 from abbey road (the one after sunshine)- the beatles
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The Beatles harmonized well.

the track 8 from Abbey Road is called "Because"
Avenged Sevenfold has some good harmonies and Iron Maiden does also.
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anything by Maiden really.....
or Rhapsody
Coheed and Cambria stuff too
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Beer is Good - Psycho Stick
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Damn near any song off of Opeth's first two albums.

Minus the Bear does REALLY good harmonies.

Iron Maiden was like harmonies galore.

Mastodon has some pretty good harmony riffs and such, as well.
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pretty much anything by the beach boys had amazing harmonies.
any iron maiden or thin lizzy
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Pretty much any Metallica song. One, Master of Puppets, Fade to Black. You name it. If its Metallica, its got some awesome harmonies.
Arch Enemy, especially songs like Ravenous.
Most songs might have harmony interludes, or harmony solos etc.

But Insomnium have harmonies riddled entirely throughout all of their songs.
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