So, one of my friends recently asked me to learn Icky Thump, so i was like ok. I like the song, cool riff. Once i started listen to it i was like. Dang hes got some sweet tone....


but so whats he use to get that, i understand his guitar is pretty custom. but what about amps or effects? Im running a LP with a bareknuckle Black dog thru a Marshall JTM60...any help?

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I know for solos and stuff he has been using a Whammy pedal a lot lately. His other stuff, last time I checked, are those really neat custom Airline guitars, and I read somewhere he had a weird, almost ancient, Fender half-stack. Whatever he does though, gets him TONES of gain, so maybe you could work with that?
A Russian Big Muff might be able to achieve his fuzz tones.
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I use my Sovtek Big Muff to play a lot of his stuff..Icky Thump, You Don't Know What Love IS, etc.

The Whammy is what he uses to paly those squelals and stuff.
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Doesn't he use a silver-something amp? I think he's one of those people who gets his unique tone by tweaking mostly old, otherwise-****ty stuff.
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White uses some Blackface Reverb or Bassman heads/combos. I'd say get a muff for the fuzz, then a Digitech Whammy AND an EHX POG. He used the POG and the HOG on the Icky Thump album.
My Muff is a USA and it NAILS his tone perfectly. I highly recommend it.
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A Russian Big Muff might be able to achieve his fuzz tones.

Double yup. I play Icky Thump with a Big Muff Pi over a touch of amp grind.
i cant get his tone, and i have a big muff and a 65 fender twin reverb, what settings should i use on the pedal and amp?????
Nah, he uses Sears vintage amps, use your bridge pickup, Treble-10 Bass-7 Mid-2, not sure if that will get you exact, but it should get you close. Big Muff, im not sure what he has on the big muff, put probably the distortion all the way
sustain all the way sounds like super mario bros 3, and he uses a twin reverb, and sears 1484 silvertone cabinets for live shows.

does anyone know what i should use on the big muff?
He uses a Silvertone for his main amp. they were the in house brand for Sears back in the sixties and were more or less worthless until Jack White made them famous. He uses and Airline for his guitar which was also a bottom of the line cheap guitar from the sixties that now go for $2-3000 because of Jack White
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