ok im going to get a new bridge pick-up (i don't want to telling me what to get just a question) well when i see the pick-ups on guitar center they have F-Spaces and noraml, can some one tell me what the difference is?
It has to do with the string spacing, so it affects the distabce between the pole peices. Chances are you have a 'normal' spaced guitar, but your best bet is to check the manufacturer's website.
Measure the E to E string spacing over the polepieces. If it's 48mm it's a standard spaced pickup, if it's 51.5mm it's F-spaced.
Easy answer ahoy: If your guitar has a Floyd or Kahler, you need F/Trem spaced pickups.
You don't ever really need an F-spaced bridge humbucker, the difference is rather minute.
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