I'm doing a custom Jazzmaster build from warmoth and I'm curios how important shielding the pick guard/cavity with copper shielding is.

Plus I'm only 90% sure i have all the hardware i need in the shopping basket thing does anyone know where i can find a good list of all the hardware i will need

and i will have two p-90 pickups should i use a 250k pot or a 500k pot
2 p-90s should probably use 500k. Shielding and proper grounding are very important with single coil pickups/soapbars. It helps reduce noise commonly associated with those types of pickups. www.guitarnuts.com has a guide about shielding and will tell you everything you need.
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I an buiding my third Warmoth now. I already have two Strats and I am now building a Tele. My Luthier only shielded the cavity on both of my guitars. One is routed from the back and one from the front. He didn't shield the pickgaurd either time, only the body. I do trust him (Dave Dick) as all of the guys in the shop are all qualified Luthiers but all have Dave do thier set-ups. How is that for a vote of confidence.

P.S. Dave is also a relativy well known Banjo/Mandolin player. He has about 30 CD's for Banjo alone.
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right here!!!

i used the guitar nuts guide.
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